CCP News


On 24th June 2023, CCP held a guardians’ meeting for the college-going students at the Community Center where 23 guardians attended out of the expected 39. The meeting themed “Parental involvement in a student’s life” aimed at educating guardians on higher learning institutions, the social trends, academics and how to look out for red flags in their children’s lives.
The meeting commenced at 8:30 am with a word of prayer from one of CCP’s social worker Pallomeh Angaya who also led the gathering into praise and worship. A sermonette was shared on “Building Up“ in reference to Psalms 127:1-5 by CCP’s Spiritual Coordinator, Patrick Modi who encouraged them to always involve the Lord in their parenting because the foundation they lay in their lives is key.
CCP’s Education Coordinator Benson Kaduki kicked off the session by requesting guardians of the ongoing college students to give their experiences in order to encourage their colleagues whose children are yet to join later this year. He openly shared with them about higher learning academics, the social trends. This discussion led to the types of pressure that students encounter while in campus which are; direct, indirect and negative pressure. As explained by Benson, indirect pressure is any sort of influence one has without necessarily having to touch them, on the other hand direct pressure scenario of a teen feeling forced into doing something they don’t want to do because their friends keep pressing them to do it and the influence a person faces to do something they wouldn’t normally do or don’t want to do as a way of fitting in with a social group for example drinking alcohol. Guardians were shocked to learn that the hair styles and what is termed as fashion among the youth had meanings attached to it.
Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director challenged the guardians by asking each one of them to name their student’s name, institution, the course they study, year of study and the year they will be graduating. This challenge caught most of the guardians off guard as some of them were not sure of some details.
The meeting ended at 11:40 am with a prayer and vote of thanks from CCP’s Medical Coordinator, Mable Umali.