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22nd July 2023 was a culmination of this term’s Good News Clubs and youth services. The event was held at Friends Church Quakers, Kawangware. In attendance were the four Good News Club centers; Kawangware day, Good Hope, Kinyanjui Primary and Gatina primary. The event began at 8am with a brief session of worship after which the presentations began with songs then memory

Winners of the day

verse, bible trivia 1(Multiple choices), dramatized dance, bible trivia 2 (Bible opening), dance mix, bible trivia 3 (General knowledge) and lastly fashion show. They were also served with hot pilau (a traditional, beautiful fragrant rice dish made with many spices that adds an amazing depth of flavor to the rice) as the adjudicators applauded the efforts by the center leaders together with the teachers. They were impressed by the talent showcased by the centers and encouraged the teachers to keep up the good work. Kinyanjui Primary Center (Ng’ando) emerged the best overall. They were also leading in the children’s and youth bible trivia, dramatized dance and memory verse for the youth. For the overall position, Gatina followed closely to become position two, then Kawangware day and finally Good Hope. The adjudicators encouraged the teachers to brush on a few rough edges like choreography for the dance teams apart from Kawangware Day whose choreographic skills stood out hence leading. During the celebrations, all centers were awarded with snacks to celebrate their effort. CCP’s Managing Director Stella Mwangi and the Director of Finance Jacqueline Ngigi applauded the centers for turning up and for the lovely performances. She encouraged them to keep up the good work done in the centers. The event ended at 4pm with announcements and prayer from CCP’s Spiritual and Medical coordinators Partrick Modi and Mable Umali respectively.