Sponsor A Child

The Chosen Children of Promise Sponsorship Program is called “Family-to-Family.” As a sponsor, your $75 per month contribution will enable CCP’s Sponsorship Ministry to provide the orphaned or abandoned child with educational assistance and a Saturday Bible study program. In addition to these, the entire family he or she lives with will receive items such as food, clothing, immunizations, and annual medical exams. We also offer the families training in spiritual development, parenting, marriage enrichment, child development, family counseling, basic health care and sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness, drug and substance abuse, finance, and microfinance options.

To become a sponsor, please fill out the form below. Within a few days, you will receive a sponsorship packet that will give you all the information about the program and your child. For more information, please contact Sponsorship@ccpkenya.org at Chosen Children Of Promise. Please note that all sponsors need to make an initial commitment of 2 years with a goal to support the child/family until they are capable of being independent.

Here is the list of all children needing sponsors…