Help Needy Children by assisting families that provide care for orphaned or abandoned children by empowering them with services and trainings that focus on their spiritual and physical needs.

    • Work with local churches
    • Offer training and discipleship to the families we are working with
    • Distribute goods and services to the families through social workers
    • Build relationships with the families to help them in further development
    • Seek donors in Kenya and abroad to sponsor the children

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Children Gifts Policy

The sponsors gifts are limited to 3 a year and shall not exceed the stated amounts – no money will be given directly to the family.

  • Birthday gift (for the child) – $ 15
  • Family gift – $ 20
  • Christmas gift (both child & family) – $ 25


  • The child’s Social Worker consults the child/sponsored family to determine their needs/desires. The Social Worker takes the child/family for purchasing of the items as per the total gift amount send by the sponsor.
  • After purchasing the gifts, the guardian/child signs a gift voucher (indicating the gifts bought), a confirmation that they have received the gifts.
  • A photo of the child/sponsored family with the gifts, the gift voucher and the child’s appreciation letter are send to the sponsor. The sponsored family may occasionally give (send) a gift to the sponsor through CCP.
  • The sponsor can give (send) small personal gifts as well (i.e. photos, book marks, Bibles, cards etc.)

School Items Program

Yearly Item

School uniform is bought once a year for each Sponsored child and this comprises of two pairs of the outfit, a sweater, 2 pairs of socks and 1 pair of shoes. A sports games kit is also bought and this includes 1 T-shirt and 1 short (Follow the color scheme of the school). In addition, each child also receives 2 boxer shorts for the boys & 2 briefs (panties) for the girls

Text Books and School bags.

Text Books are bought once a year for each child. A maximum of 10 books per child and 1 bag per child are given. (Ensure that each subject has a text book and include an English and Swahili story book


Term School Items

School Fees: School fees for the children in the Sponsorship program is a maximum of Ksh 9,600 ($145) a child per year. This is payable at the beginning of every term each term and according to the specifics of each school. (NB: A year has 3 terms.)

Exercise Books/ Pens/ Pencils/ Crayons


Home Visits Program

This is a daily routine where social workers visit Sponsorship families. The social workers walk with guardians, children and their extended families through life issues and get them to a point where they see life in a different perspective. These life issues encompass domestic violence, abuse, poverty among others. The social workers also give love and help restore a sense the belonging and hope to the families.


This is facilitated through home visits for the guardians and Good News Clubs and school visits for the children. Each Social Worker has 25 – 30 families and his/her weekly schedule should reflect a visit for each family by the end of the week. Goals are set for the social workers to accomplish this. The purpose is to:


Enable social workers understand the families better (build relationships with the families).

Ensure the well being of the families (Assess the family situations, give advice and give recommendations on what should be done).

Help the social workers identify with the families. Bond and get to know the families better and this develops trust to enable the family share with a social worker.

This takes place once every month during the guardians training. Portion of food items (6kgs of corn flour, 1/2kg of cooking fat, 3kgs of dry corn, 4kgs of beans) are given to each family. Food can only be given to guardians or representatives of the families who are above 18 years.


An order should be placed with the supplier two weeks time before the training and payment is made through cheque on the day of delivery. Packaging is done by the food vendor where by a bag comprises of the above described items.
Guardians Training

This is where guardians are equipped with knowledge and skills in order to help change their mind set them and help them function in a better way and for a better society. The trainings are 12 in a year and are held every 1st or 2nd Saturday of the month. The staff and other guest speakers facilitate the trainings depending on the topic

The trainings are usually half a day from 9am – 12pm and the meetings are held in any of our partner churches. The topics range from Parenting, Child development, Family Resource Management, Marriage Enrichment, Family Law and Legal Issues, Family Planning, Nutrition, Health Education.


These are organized set of guardians comprising of 10 members that get together once a week for the purpose of encouraging, understanding and edifying one another. Members support one another spiritually, emotionally and financially. Guardians that are experienced in certain areas also mentor others through the support groups. Trainings are set and guest trainers invited to equip our guardians with different skills that can translate into income generating activities.


In the trainings, guardians are challenged to discover other gifts and start an income generating activity as a group. Individuals are also allowed to operate their own businesses. Group therapies are also done and this involves counseling, evaluations and giving of recommendations. Support groups also seek to develop leaders within the groups and this is facilitated through mentoring done by the Sponsorship Site Manager.