Chosen Children Of Promise

  • CCP Board Linkage Meeting

    On August 31st, 2019, Chosen Children of Promise held a Board & Community Linkage meeting at Maisha Poa, Kawangware. This meeting provides a forum where all the stakeholders receive updates, exchange ideas, ask questions and evaluate the effectiveness of various CCP programs.

  • CCP Academy school trip

    On 14th August, 2019 CCP Academy's grade 3,4 and 5 went for an academic trip.

  • August 2019 Youth VBS ends

    On 12th August, 2019 curtains came down for the Youth VBS themed 'Abba's Child' with a cultural event.

  • CCP 2019 Medical Camp

    Chosen Children of Promise (CCP) held a free medical camp sponsored by its partner organization Simply2Love on 10th August, 2019 at Gatina Primary School, Kawangware.