Education Ministry Purpose

The Chosen Children of Promise (C.C.P.) Education Ministry exists to boost the standard of education by empowering children, youth and adults with specific needs within impoverished communities through the learning center, educational enhancements and life skills training with Biblical values and principles being the base of life, learning and success.


  • To boost the standard of education in Kawangware.
  • To increase students’ love of learning and reading while teaching good study habits.
  • To empower and nurture the student holistically in academic matters enabling them to realize their areas of potential and interest in order to actualize their dreams and ambitions.
  • To provide students with a safe, structured, conducive environment for studying
  • Ensuring transitions take place from one level of learning to another successful
  • Educating the students on the possible options pertaining to their education and career choice
  • Providing a follow-up on the students through mentoring for guidance and social support
  • Promoting the performance of students by holding holiday revision and mentoring programs
  • To empower youth and adults through training for self-reliance