Chosen Children Of Promise


    On 17th June 2023, CCP held high scholars' meeting for the guardians at Maranatha Faith Assemblies where 51 guardians attended out of the expected 78. The meeting dubbed "The Change We Need" aimed at checking on the guardians' progress after the previous one where they came up with ideas for performance improvement. It commenced at 8:30 am with a word of prayer from CCP's Sponsorship and Medical Coordinator Mable Umali. A sermonette was shared on "How to Make It In Life" from 2 Kings 7:3-8 by CCP's Spiritual Coordinator, Patrick Modi who encouraged the guardians to have faith and wisdom during tough times.


    On May 28th to June 4th, CCP received guests from USA; Josephine Wayne, President, Clean Water Project - USA and Wendy Pearce, who are Life House Foundation Board Members. It was a week full of great ministry with the main agenda being to facilitate a water treatment system for the purposes of distributing safe and clean drinking water for the CCP Academy and the community at large.


    On 2nd April 2023, nine CCP ex- candidates who were part of the 2023 class of Discipleship. Discovery & Development (3D) graduated. The graduation was a culmination of a three month program of intense training and exposure courtesy of Hope Church Lavington.

  • Guardians Training

    On March 11th, 2023 CCP held a Guardians’ Training on “General Hygiene” for the primary level guardians. The meeting was held at Maranatha Faith Assemblies with 113 guardians in attendance out of the expected 157.