Assistance Programs
School Items Program

Yearly Items

  • Uniform. School uniform is bought once a year for each Sponsored child and this comprises of two pairs of the outfit, a sweater, 2 pairs of socks and 1 pair of shoes. A sports games kit is also bought and this includes 1 T-shirt and 1 short (Follow the color scheme of the school). In addition, each child also receives 2 boxer shorts for the boys & 2 briefs (panties) for the girls


  • Text Books and School bags. Text Books are bought once a year for each child. A maximum of 10 books per child and 1 bag per child are given. (Ensure that each subject has a text book and include an English and Swahili story book)

Term School Items

  • School Fees: School fees for the children in the Sponsorship program is a maximum of Ksh 9,600 ($145) a child per year. This is payable at the beginning of every term each term and according to the specifics of each school. (NB: A year has 3 terms.)


  • Exercise Books/ Pens/ Pencils/ Crayons

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