Home Visits Program
Home Visits Program

This is a daily routine where social workers visit Sponsorship families. The social workers walk with guardians, children and their extended families through life issues and get them to a point where they see life in a different perspective. These life issues encompass domestic violence, abuse, poverty among others. The social workers also give love and help restore a sense the belonging and hope to the families.


This is facilitated through home visits for the guardians and Good News Clubs and school visits for the children. Each Social Worker has 25 – 30 families and his/her weekly schedule should reflect a visit for each family by the end of the week. Goals are set for the social workers to accomplish this. The purpose is to:




  • Enable social workers understand the families better (build relationships with the families).
  • Ensure the well being of the families (Assess the family situations, give advice and give recommendations on what should be done).
  • Help the social workers identify with the families. Bond and get to know the families better and this develops trust to enable the family share with a social worker.


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