Children Gifts Policy
Children Gifts Policy

The sponsors gifts are limited to 3 a year and shall not exceed the stated amounts – no money will be given directly to the family.

  • Birthday gift (for the child) - $ 15
  • Family gift - $ 20
  • Christmas gift (both child & family) - $ 25




  • The child’s Social Worker consults the child/sponsored family to determine their needs/desires. The Social Worker takes the child/family for purchasing of the items as per the total gift amount send by the sponsor.
  • After purchasing the gifts, the guardian/child signs a gift voucher (indicating the gifts bought), a confirmation that they have received the gifts.
  • A photo of the child/sponsored family with the gifts, the gift voucher and the child’s appreciation letter are send to the sponsor. The sponsored family may occasionally give (send) a gift to the sponsor through CCP.
  • The sponsor can give (send) small personal gifts as well (i.e. photos, book marks, Bibles, cards etc.)
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