Donations: HIV Food Supplements

The food supplements pack goes towards enhancing the nutritional needs of HIV compromised children and guardians. The monthly supplements are ¼ kg of Stinging Nettle (that contain iron, calcium,) and ½ kg of Soya flour (rich in absorbable amino acids far rich than that found in meat or legumes). We monitor each client’s CD-4 count twice a year and would like to add to the supplement list 1kg Amaranth Flour (rich in zinc mineral) to those with a low count. Right now we are struggling to maintain just the Stinging Nettle and Soya (which we had to cut down from a full kg to a ½ kg.) which runs about $3.25 per client per month. Our current population of 91 requires a monthly minimum budget of about $300 a month for $3600 a year. If we could raise the Soya back to a full kg and add the Amaranth Flour for all clients, the budget would run $7.50 per client per month, or $690 a month for $8280 a year. So far this year (March 31st 2011) we have received $400 (from CCV’s women’s groups).

For more information, please contact Stella Mwangi at Chosen Children Of Promise.

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For the US residents:

1.    Send a check to ‘Life House Foundation for Children’ Mail to: Chosen Children of Promise P.O Box 1005, Glendora, CA 91741. Or Donate online Life House Foundation

For Kenyan residents:

1. M-Pesa – Chosen Children of Promise, C/O James Behr, 0713 704011.

2. Airtel money – Chosen Children of Promise C/O James Behr, 0733 704011.

3. Bank Deposit – Equity Bank Ltd, Chosen Children of Promise, Kawangware. Account  # 0630297218327 and please send us a copy of the deposit slip.

4. By Check – Make check out to “Chosen Children of Promise” and mail to us at CCP, P.O. Box 1684-00606 Sarit Centre, Nairobi Kenya.

For those in other countries:

1. Western Union money transfer

2. Bank Wire Transfer – To use this option contact us for more information via

If you have any question e-mail Irene in Kenya at or call our U.S. office Life House Foundation for Children at (909) 918-4656.Thank you once again for your partnership with us at CCP.

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