CCP Governance Policy Ends


Chosen Children of Promise exist so that children with specific needs living in impoverished communities reach their full potential within the established budget.


CCP will work (without creating a dependency) with all local organizations and families focusing on those within the community. The goal being that if CCP left, every organization or family would be able to continue on well (not as well as if CCP was there, but they would continue on).

1. CCP will not build or start organizations that will compete with local organizations unless a felt need is discovered.


The core group of clients shall be orphans, abandoned children and special needs children as well as the guardians (and the family members within the house hold) who care for them.

1. Children entering the program must be between 0 - 7 years old and shall remain in the program, as long as all requirements are met, through form 4 or age 18.

a.Orphaned children are defined as those whose biological parents (both) are deceased.

b. Abandoned children are defined as being totally deserted (physically and/or emotionally) by their biological parents

    i. All legal requirements inclusive of the proper documentation must be met to show legal guardianship or custodianship of said abandoned children.

    c. Special needs children are reviewed from the following groups:

    i. Special needs children with a single parent who is HIV positive and living alone.

    a. The parent must be a ‘widow(er)’ or a single mother (the child is a ‘fatherless child’) or single father who has not been in a relationship for over three years

    b. If the widow(er) or single mother or single father gets into another relationship so that they do not fit into the original selection parameters any longer, the family will not be eliminated from the program but the program will then change its’ focus to the child only

2. The children and the families entering the program must be needy and neglected, near or in ‘absolute poverty’ and must be empowered through the program.

    a. Once the family is empowered out of ‘absolute poverty’ or receives other support to raise them out of “absolute poverty”, it will not be eliminated from the program but the program will then change its’ focus to the child only

    i. The family’s participation in other medical or educational programs for their siblings will be allowed, but it shall be considered income and will be considered when arriving at the family’s level of income.  

    ii. Such a family shall no longer be required to live within the program boundaries and the guardians shall not be required to attend or participate in programs, as long as the child continues to attend and participate in all the required CCP programs.


Impoverished communities that can support the required number of clients needed to make the operation financially efficient shall be the areas of operations

1.The community must be diverse in cultures and the peoples’ areas of origin

2.The community must be of an ‘urban slum’ nature


1. The children (and their guardians) reach their full potential through the financial support of sponsorship program.

a. Personal giftedness developed

b. Self esteem strengthened

2. The children (and their guardians) come to know God.

a. A stronger personal relationship with God

b. Consistent fellowship inside and outside of CCP

c. Increased knowledge and understanding of the Bible (the word)

3. The children’s (and their guardian’s) talents and gifts are developed.

a. Increase in education levels achieved

b. Vocational skills developed to the point of self sufficiency to those who are not educationally gifted

4. The children’s (and their guardians’) health is improved.

a. Establish health training programs

b. Provide support health services

5. The child is empowered to become a responsibly legally registered citizen by obtaining all the required recognized documents that allow them to act as a legal citizen of the country upon leaving the program at form 4 or age 18.

    a. Examples of such documents are the National Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Personal Identification Number Certificate (PIN#), National Social Security Number, etc.


Operations run within the yearly approved budget

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