Medical Camps Program
Medical Camps


The overall goal is to meet the immediate health needs of CCP clients, their families and immediate neighbors in our community.






Medical Camps: The goal is to ensure that all children, guardians and family members are medically fit. Sponsorship families are also allowed to reach out to their sick friends and invite them into the medical camps as well. The camps are held three times a year i.e. in January, April and August. The January camp main focus is the school going children as they re-open school. Prompt follow – ups are also done to ensure the continuity of the same.



Services Provided: A number of free services are provided during the 3 medical camps and may vary from one medical camp to another. These free services inlude:

        • Obeservation and consultation Services
        • Pharmaceutical Services
        • Eye Check-UP
        • Dental Check-Up
        • HIV Testing Counselling and Testing Services
        • TB Screening
        • Family Planning Services
        • Medical Refferals
        • Prayer and Encouragement for all patients






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