Epuka Program
Epuka HIV/AIDS Program


This is a HIV/AIDS prevention program that reaches out to guardians through trainings on HIV transmission and management. Its approach is on behavior change through real life experience so that those infected may live positively with the disease and prevent further its further spread. In addition, those not aware of their status are given facts about the disease and encouraged to voluntarily go for HIV testing. This is meant to reduce the stigmatization of our clients living positively with HIV/AIDS and also creates an atmosphere of love and belonging through the Fadhili Support group. The trainings are facilitated through the Fadhili Support group, HIV/AIDS trainings and Counseling sessions.


HIV/AIDS Testing: This is done to ensure that health problems arising from AIDS related cases among our Sponsored children are adequately addressed. This is for all the Sponsored children in and is done twice a year during the January Mini Medical Camp and the September Medical Outreach Camp. Testing can only take place with prior preparation of each child’s guardian, who then consents to have their child (en) tested. If a child is HIV positive, models of improving nutrition diets, compliance & adherence of Anti Retro Viral drugs (ARV’s) is monitored through continuous home visits done by the Medical Site Manager and updates from the social workers. Stigmatization is also reduced through family counseling, ensuring that the infected children enjoy life just like any other children within the guardian family.


HIV/AIDS Guardian Counseling: This is to help guardians willingly and voluntarily go for HIV testing during the Mini Medical Camp. It is done during the three medical camps held every year. Follow-up and referrals is also done during the medical camps. Each session takes 3 hours. Specialized trainers, people living with HIV/AIDS can also facilitate the trainings.


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