Counselling Program
Counseling Program


The purpose is to help people have a healthy physical and psychological state to live through day to day crisis. The program targets guardians, children and the staff. Counseling takes place through: One on One, Group and Debriefing counseling sessions within the specific groups in various CCP’s ministries.




Group Counseling. Done within Sponsorship Ministry’s support groups where guardians are helped to process their psychological issues. It is done bi-weekly or monthly depending on the specific need of a support group.



Staff Debriefing. Staff members are helped to realize their potential through self awareness, personal development skills and interaction with one another,. The goal is to help the staff increase their effectiveness and develop self motivation while working with one another and our clients. A curriculum from the Kenya Institute of Professional Counseling is used in this type of counseling.




One on One Counseling. It is done on site and on an individual basis. It helps individuals including children, guardians and staffs manage their crisis that requires high level confidentiality. Through this, personal issues are effectively handled. This counseling is carried out when need arises and upon requests or referrals.


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