Micro-Finance Program
Business Training Program

This program helps CCP sponsored guardians or family members 18 years and above, willing to start or expand their businesses to set up, manage and fund their businesses through grants and loans with a goal of alleviating poverty. Business training forums are conducted after every other month to help guardians generate ideas resulting into business opportunities. After the grant training, participants qualify for a finance grant not exceeding Ksh.1, 500 (about $20) per sponsorship family.



If the business does not succeed after the 1st grant, the participant is retaken through the training. For the participant to qualify for a loan he/she must have bookkeeping record system for a minimum of 3 months and the business must be making profit. The loan do not exceed Ksh.9, 000 (about $126) payable with an interest of 10% within a period of 6 months. Monitoring and evaluation is also done regularly to help in a steady growth of the business.

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