Accelerated Education


This program works exclusively with orphans, abandoned and special needs children from within the CCP Sponsorship Ministry who are two or more years behind in their schooling. The program aims to advance the students to their appropriate grade level in the shortest time possible. Two to three years’ curriculum is covered within one year in the program.



There are 10 pupils in each class and children may spend a maximum of three years in the program before enrolling in a government school.  Classes meet Monday through Friday from 8a.m. - 4:30p.m.  Meals are provided daily by CCP;. Porridge at 10:45am -11:20am and Lunch at 12:30p.m - 1:45pm.


Regular Events

  • Exams (four times per term)
  • Parents Meeting (once per term)
  • Field Trip (once per term)
  • Graduation (once per year)






Developed By: Obulex Solutions