CCP Event Calendar
Year: Quarter:
DayMinistryEventTopicSpeaker VenueTime
Jul-1 Sponsorship Guardians Training Parental Involvement in the spiritual lives of the Children Samson Muloma Maranatha Faith Assembly 8:30-12:00 2430
Jul-1 Spiritual Outreach Let The Children come Center Leaders All Leaders 13:30-14:30 2481
Jul-9 sponsorship Business Training Risk Management sponsorship dept CCCP Academy 8:00-9:00 2402
Jul-15 Sponsorship Kenyan sponsor's day Home Visit Sponsorship Dept CCP Academy 9:30-3:30 2432
Jul-22 Spiritual End Term Event To be confirmed Benson CCP Academy 8:00-14:00 2484
Jul-27 Medical Fadhili support group meeting Drug Adherence & Dermatitis Susie Mullen Maranatha Faith Assemblies 14:30-16:00 2433
Jul-29 Spiritual ROPES Parents meeting D To be confirmed Sarah CCP Academy 7:00-8:30 2482
Jul-30 Medical Camp Community Center 8:00 am-3:00 pm 2504
Jul-30 Medical Super Junior Outing Mable Umali Safari Walk 08:30-2:00 pm 2403
Aug-5 Sponsorship Guardian Event Social Media Maranatha faith assemblies 8:30-12:00 2434
Aug-10 Medical Preteen and teenagers training Sexual Abuse Guest CCP Academy 14:30-16:00 2435
Aug-11 Education CCP Academy Closing day Davis Kidake CCP Academy 9:00-12:00 2436
Aug-12 Spiritual VBS Starts for 5 days Twists & Turns All teachers Kinyanjui, Gatina Primary. 8:00-16:00 2483
Aug-13 Sponsorship Business Training Business Finance Sponsorship Dept CCP Academy 8:00-9:00 2404
Aug-17 Medical Fadhili Support Group Meeting Depression Mable Umali Maranatha Faith Assemblies 14:30-16:00 2437
Aug-19 Spiritual Volunteers Outing To be confirmed Benson Paradise Lost 8:00-16:30 2493
Aug-24 Office staff outing staff outing All staff Zanzibar 8:30-5:00 2460
Aug-25 Spiritual Staff Prayer Day Psalms 124:1 Jackie CCP Academy 8:00-12:30 2485
Aug-26 Office staff outing staff outing All staff Zanzibar 8:30-5:00 2458
Aug-26 Spiritual Training Fulfilling God's purpose Eric Lumosi CCP Academy 8:00-16:00 2486
Aug-27 Office staff outing staff outing All staff Zanzibar 8:30-5:00 2459
Aug-28 Office staff outing staff outing All staff Zanzibar 8:30-5:00 2456
Aug-28 Education CCP Academy opening day School opening Davis Kidake CCP Academy 7:00-5:00 2438
Sep-2 Spiritual ROPES Parents meeting To be confirmed Pallomeh All centers 7:00-8:15 2488
Sep-2 Spiritual Good News Club opening Review & Expectation All teachers All centers 14:00-16:30 2487
Sep-2 Sponsorship Guardians Training Managing and handling finnace Guest CCP Academy 8:30-12:00 2439
Sep-4 Education Opening Exam 4-5 Davis Kidake CCP Academy 7:00-5:00 2440
Sep-9 Spiritual Parents Prayer Day -2 Blessing your children Guest CCP Academy 8:00-16:30 2489
Sep-10 Sponsorship Business Customer Service Sponsorship Dept CP Academy 8:00-9:00 2405
Sep-20 Medical Training Drug Adherence Mable Umali CCP Academy 7:45-8:40 2442
Sep-21 Medical Fadhili Support Group meeting Optunistic infection / Hand wash Mable Umali CCP Academy 14:30-16:00 2443
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