CCP Event Calendar
Year: Quarter:
DayMinistryEventTopicSpeaker VenueTime
Oct-1 Sponsorship Guardians' training Cancer 2371
Oct-1 Spiritual Staff Prayers Day To be confirmed All Staff Community center 08:00-12:00 2372
Oct-1 Spiritual Opening of GNC & Youth Service Billy Mwashi GNC centers 09:00-10:00 2373
Oct-8 Sponsorship Monthly Food Bag Food Distribution/ Business management training Sponsorship Dept CCP Academy 08:00-09:00 2374
Oct-15 Medical Medical Camp Launching Mable Umali CCP Clinic 08:00-16:00 2375
Oct-16 Medical Grandparents Group Therapy Child care Mable Umali CCP Academy 14:30-16:30 2376
Oct-18 Educational Mid Term Exam[18th-19th] Hilda Mwavishi CCP Academy 07:30-17:00 2377
Oct-19 Medical Fadhili Support Group Meeting Open Talk/ evaluation 2401
Oct-29 Spiritual ROPES 2022 parents meeting Counsellors Community center 08:00-17:00 2379
Nov-5 Sponsorship Guardians' meeting Evaluation CCP Academy 08:30-12:00 2380
Nov-12 Sponsorship Monthly food bag Food distribution Sponsorship Dept ACK Gatina 08:00-09:00 2381
Nov-14 Educational End term exam[14th-16th] Hilda Mwavishi CCP Academy 08:30-11:00 2382
Nov-16 Medical Super Junior Christmas party Mable Umali Maisha Poa 08:00-14:30 2383
Nov-18 Educational Closing Day Hilda Mwashi CCP Academy 14:00-17:00 2384
Nov-19 Spiritual End Term Event& Follow up Graduation Emmanuel Billy&Atisa Gatina 08:00-18:00 2385
Nov-20 Medical Fadhili Support Group Meeting Evaluation Mable Umali Maranatha Assemblies Church 14:30-18:00 2386
Nov-21 Educational KCPE[21st-25th] Hilda Mwavishi CCP Aacademy 14:00-17:00 2387
Nov-30 Educational High scholars outing To be confirmed Billy To be confirmed 06:00-20:00 2388
Dec-1 Medical World Aids Day Mable Umali CCP Academy 08:00-13:00 2389
Dec-3 Sponsorship Christmas party/monthly food Bag Sponsorship Dept CCP Academy 08:00-13:00 2390
Dec-6 Educational FTB Camp[6th-10th] To be confirmed For The Boys Mash Park Hotel 06:00-20:00 2391
Dec-13 Spiritual ROPES 2022 Camp Luke 2:52 Counsellors Mt. Longonot 08:00-18:00 2393
Dec-16 Office Staff Christmas Party To be confirmed Irene Kerubo To be confirmed 08:00-16:00 2392
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