Jesus is alive
Over three hundred children gathered at the Vacation Bible School (VBS) kick-off today VBS at Gatina Primary, Kawangware & Solid Rock, Ngando. The kids were full of energy as they started the day with prayer and learned new songs for praise and worship. The CCP staff then put on a skit to tell the story of Joseph of Animathea, who asked Pilate to bury Jesus' body on his land in the tomb. The age groups were then separated to rotate between the three activities, lesson, craft, and games. In the lesson the teachers taught from the book of Luke 23:50-56 about Joseph of Arimathea. They were able to describe the scene of what happened after Jesusí crucifixion and some of the people that chose to do well and take care of Jesusí body. The kids were then able to act out the same story, with the happy ending of the women finding the empty tomb and Jesus alive! The memory verse of the day was from Matthew 25:36. Crafts kept them entertained with coloring and crossword puzzles about the same story. In games the kids burned energy by running up and down with racing games, balloon popping, and soccer ball competitions. The day concluded with an exuberant praise and worship session of the song Jesus is Alive (Life Tree Kids). After taking porridge, the children were dismissed home with big smiles and excitement for day 2 of April VBS!
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