End term event Youth service
We held the End Term Event for the youth service on Saturday 6th August 2019 . The youth enjoyed lunch and after this praise team led everyone in worshipping the Lord. Ngando and Kawangware Youth teams then performed their respective dance, skit, song, poem, and memory verse. As an intermission, 9th grader Tonny and his dance team led all of the youth and teachers in a few easy dance moves to follow and have fun with. At the end of the performances, Ngando teacher Stellar coordinated a Bible verse search competition between each side as a tie breaker because both center were so close in numbers! For dance and skit, Ngando came in first, while Kawangware took song, poem, and memory verse. Kawangware also was faster to find the bible passage, resulting in 1st place for them. The day ended with a short word from Financial Director Jacque and Spiritual Coordinator Fred to the youth about staying safe in the holiday break and to keep God their focus as opposed to the things of the world. Kawangware Youth enjoyed candy and cake for taking first, and even Ngando received candy for the hard work and wonderful job they did on their performances.
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