Road to Jerusalem
CCP's Good News Club centers, gathered at Gatina Primary School on 6th April 2019 for the end term event with the theme “Road to Jerusalem”. The centers represented were Kawangware day, Good Hope, Ngando and Community center. This was to educate children on the importance of Easter celebration. This was to make them understand Jesus’ crucifixion, death and resurrection and it’s significant to the world. The event started with praise and worship led by the children who did it very well and cheerfully. Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director gave a welcome note and the day’s event kicked off with various activities lined up. To start was the poem category and each center had its group of participant to present the center to the fullest. The next on line was the skit category and each center had to act on the road to Jerusalem to show how well the children understood the teachings. Memory verses were recited from each Centre and children sang Easter songs this was so encouraging for children to showcase their talents in every way. Dances were next and this children enjoyed a lot. ‘How well do you know you Bible? ‘Bible trivia was next and each Centre had to give its two Participant. The children were asked on Bible related questions and were tested on how well they know the books of the bible and how they follow each other from Genesis to Revelation. This was so educative as well as enjoyable part of the day. The judges for the day were alert on the performances and when their time came to give comments, they noted that there was improvement from each Centre from last year performances. They encouraged the children to own the stage while they are given the opportunity to present whatever they are doing and also show courageousness. One of the judges said that everyone is a winner but there has to be the one to take number one. Number ones were Ngando Centre, Community Centre number two, Kawangware day Number Three and number four Good hope Centre. They were all given their prizes accordingly. To end the day there was delicious food prepared for everyone and they enjoyed the meal .After this they went home with a lot of knowledge they acquired.
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