CCP Staff team building outing
The first staff outing Team Building in 2019 was on 20th February where Forty three staff enjoyed the day at Olepolos in Kajiado County. The journey from CCP office to Olepolos took two hours. On arrival there was a welcome note by Hannah, and since we had new staff on board there was a time for introductions. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so to start the event off in the right way, we were served with a delicious breakfast by the kind Olepolos staff. Irene and Kelli had all the team building activities ready for us to participate. For a start the team was divided into three teams where each team was to come up with its name, their theme song and their team leader. Since we were in Maasai land, the groups used Maasai names to name their groups. 'Olewinners', 'Enyonyor' and 'Wazito' were the names of the groups. The groups were so creative on the theme songs. The first activity was for each group to give their best and fastest competitors in skipping rope. Team 'Enyonyor' emerged the winners. Hole Tarp was the next activity; each team member held a piece of the tarp, which had 5 holes cut throughout. The balls were then placed on the tarp and the team had to keep the balls from falling through the tarp. Team 'Olewinners' took the gold in this activity' In dodgeball, the three groups formed a large circle facing each other. Once hit by one of the soft balls. you were out of the circle. Group 'Wazito' emerged the winners. The photo scavenger hunt at the end of activity time scattered the groups to go take photos around the grounds based on a list given. Group 'Olewinners' had the most creative Pyramid photo, team 'Wazito' had the most creative bus photo, and team 'Enyonyor' had the most creative 'Jimbambe' photo. Now it was time to enjoy the 'Nyama choma'for lunch and everyone had more than enough to be satisfied! In the afternoon we headed to the swimming pool, where many enjoyed splashing in the cool waters in our Kenyan summer heat. For those who preferred not to swim, there were indoor games. To end the day, the winners had to be awarded and 'Olewinners' emerged position one, 'Wazito' position two, 'Enyonyor' in position three.
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