Guardians Training
On March 11th, 2023 CCP held a Guardians' Training on "General Hygiene" for the primary level guardians. The meeting was held at Maranatha Faith Assemblies with 113 guardians in attendance out of the expected 157. CCP's Spiritual Coordinator, Patrick Modi shared a sermon on "Cleanliness is Next to Godliness" from Titus 1:7-15. He encouraged the guardians to observe cleanliness for it brings peace and calmness. Patrick reminded them that parents are priests in their homes and therefore ought to carry themselves as one in their speech and how they interacted with their neighbors. He concluded by telling them that cleanliness is not only on the physical but also spiritual. CCP's Sponsorship Coordinator Mable Umali, also taught on "General Hygiene" to help guardians understand the importance of personal hygiene. The message comes timely as there is an outbreak of Cholera in some parts of Nairobi County hence the need to put measures in place to curb it. The guardians were taken through personal care tips like cleanliness of the body, having regular check-ups, wearing of clean clothes, cutting of nails, moving around with a handkerchief, keeping the house clean and always ensure that we know the source of our drinking water and purifying it. The climax of the training was the demonstration on how to wash our hands, fruits and vegetables. Thereafter the meeting ended with guardians receiving school uniforms for their children.
Mable addressing the meeting
Praise and worship
Demonstrating hygiene
Mable explaining a point to guardians
Distributing uniform
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