A Saturday at Chosen Children of Promise is not like any other day, this is a day that both staff and children normally look forward to, a day that is full of activities, away from the books and the office as well. This being 17th of September 2022, schools have closed for a one week break hence a lot of activities at the premises. The day started at 8:00 am with a meeting with the parents, the main agenda being the overall performance of their children and how they can work together hence better results at the end. Through this engagement, both parents and children get to know what is expected of them academically and where they need to put more effort hence motivating their sponsors. This makes both parents and children open up on their challenges hence encouraging one another. After the parent's meeting, a second meeting was held for the High scholars and campus going students (Good News Club). They normally meet to be trained as trainers then leave to different centers (within Kawangware) to reach out to the young ones who are taught the word of God every Saturday afternoon. After the training, the high scholars are then equipped for the younger ones who are located in four different centers namely: 1.Kawangware Day 2.Gatina Primary 3.Kinyanjui Primary 4.GoodHope Before the children get into their various classes, they have to assemble for different activities before they head to their different classes. Some of the activities include: Balloon game, singing, dancing among others. This is done to keep them busy hence killing boredom. For the smooth running of their activities with the children, the high scholars have to be fully armed with the teaching materials and snacks in order to motivate the children while answering questions In their different classes, the children are taught the bible by use of films, skits, singing, question and answer session hence comprehending easily and making learning fun considering their age. After the classes the children are released to go back home looking forward to another great weekend with their teachers. The program not only attracts children from Chosen Children of Promise but also from the neighborhood, for example, according to our statistics in one of the centers, that is Kinyanjui Primary we had a total of 121 children of which 33 of them are from the community, the youngest being a 2-year boy, all in search of God's love hence being nourished spiritually.
Stella, CCP's Managing Director cross checking learners performance together with the guardians
Guardians brainstorming
Participation mood during games
Issuing out games' props
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The Balloon Challenge
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