On 14 March 2022 one hundred and nine youths attended the first day of youth VBS themed "FOUR G" venue at Gatina Center. The '4G' comprising of; "God, Growth, Greatness, Generosity and a bonus Godliness". The VBS aimed to give knowledge and understanding on how to live in God's ways and likeness. The afternoon event began with praise and worship from the youth assisted by the CCP staff team. Later, Vincent Kemboi from the CCP staff team shared his testimony with an inspiring spoken word. After the testimony, Patrick Modi shared and explained a sermon about God from the four Gs' theme. The topic was about Knowing Who God is and Understanding What God want for us and what has he installed in our lives. He taught us that God is the author of our lives, he knows us and knows what our future is going to be from when we were not born. He encouraged us to have that desire of knowing God and read His word all the time. We learnt that to have a good relationship with God we need to keep our poor network and we need to rely on God by being toast and curious about God's word. When we accept God in our lives, the journey and battle for salvation have start. So we have to prepare ourselves before joining the journey, Proverbs 16:9, "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps" NIV. Thereafter, the youth were divided into small groups according to their grades for further understanding of knowing God through discussion questions and opening up. The youth engaged in group discussions and had fun interacting with each other. After the small groups, the youth group into two; 'Astronauts' and 'Champions'. They were instructed to come up with a unique name for their teams, cheer songs and group leaders with entitled creativity as they participate in games competitions.
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