CCP Academy Opening day
On 13th October 2021 CCP Academy reopened for the second term 2021. This was after a 13-day holiday. The students began reporting to school as early as 7 am and were welcomed by their teachers. As school rules dictate, each student came accompanied by their guardian with their homework completed. The teacher on duty, Teacher Purity welcomed the students and encouraged them to put effort into their studies. CCP Academy's Headteacher began by welcoming the students back to school. She encouraged the students to focus on their studies. She continued to urge them to know their course work in every subject; just as CCP’s Managing Director had said during last term’s closing day. She reminded the students that the coronavirus was still spreading and that they should wear their masks at all times. CCP's spiritual coordinator prayed for the students as they begin a new term and wished them well as they learn.
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