This Far He is Ebenezer
On 9th October 2021 CCP's sponsorship department held an early Christmas celebration for the sponsored children and their guardians. The event was held at Christ Restoration Center (CRC) and started at 7:30 am with a worship session led by CCP staff. The event was themed 'He is Ebenezer', a celebration of Godís faithfulness amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The event started with a brief session of worship led by CCP staff which was followed by the sermon that was delivered by Pastor Nickson Lovega. In his sermon, Pastor Nickson read from 1st Samuel 7:12 and encouraged the congregants to look back at the far the Lord has brought them and be grateful. He reflected on how the pandemic has ravaged many countries in the world and has brought even the best economies to their knees. He concluded his sermon by praying for the congregants. After the sermon, there were presentations from the children. The presentations varied from memory verse and poem recitals, to dance, and a fashion show. There were testimonies from some of the children and guardians. The children said they were grateful for the far they had come with the help of CCP and were looking forward to the journey ahead. The guardians were thankful to CCP for walking the journey with them. They were grateful for the trainings and support they have been receiving. To show her gratitude, Mama Wahu, a guardian gave a contribution towards the ongoing construction at CCP community center. CCP's spiritual coordinator Billy Mwashi went on to celebrate the 2020/21 Rites of passage experiences (ROPES) graduates. He celebrated their achievement in successfully completing the ROPES program and transitioning into high school. The graduates were given their certificates. Billy then called CCP board chair Mr. Michael Makumi to pray for them as a way to commission them. CCP's Director of Finance Jacqueline Ngige was happy to meet all the children and guardians. She said it had been a while since CCP held an all guardians' and children gathering. She was grateful that God had kept them. She explained why CCP held an early Christmas party; she said it was because the academic calendar had changed and therefore all plans involving students needed to be adjusted to be in line with the school calendar. She then invited the CCP Board chair to address the children and guardians. CCP Board chair Mr. Michael Makumi was grateful to have attended the Christmas party. He said it has been almost three years since he had attended CCP Christmas celebrations. He was happy to be part of the celebration. CCP's Director of finance Jacqueline Ngige thanked the children and their guardians for coming. She went on to appreciate outstanding children in terms of character, talent and responsibility. She applauded the children who were awarded and encouraged the rest to follow their example. CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi appreciated everyone for coming to the celebration. She encouraged the students to work hard in their studies as they go back to school. She looked back to when CCP began. She was thankful for the far God had brought CCP. A cake-cutting ceremony then followed. The cake was to celebrate 17 years since CCP started. Lunch was then served and the guardians and their children were allowed to go home thereafter.
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