High scholars' meeting
On 6th October 2021 CCP held a high scholars meeting for high school students and their guardians. The meeting was aimed at planning ahead for the next term as well as knowing where the students are at in their academics. The meeting was held at ACK Gatina and was attended by 79 guardians and their children. The meeting started at 2 pm with a prayer from CCP social worker Sarah. The day's devotion was done by CCP’s spiritual coordinator, Billy Mwashi who encouraged the students to respect their guardians as well as take their studies seriously. He told the students that their future depends on the decisions they make. CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi welcomed the students home for the holiday and encouraged them to plan their time well. She asked them if they knew the topics they had covered in the various subjects so far. The students were eager to answer, and from the response, most of them had an idea of what was in the syllabus. She encouraged the students to know the coursework of every subject. She continued to tell them about college placement and some of the subject requirements. She encouraged the students to work hard in mathematics as it is important in all courses. CCP's Director of finance Jacqueline Ngige appreciated the students for putting effort into their studies. She encouraged them to study no matter the circumstances. She was disappointed that three girls had to drop out of school due to pregnancy. She urged the rest of the girls to concentrate on their studies. Jacqueline was then joined by CCP Academy's Headteacher Hilda Mwavishi to award top performers as well as those who had improved. The meeting ended at 5 pm with prayer and a vote of thanks from Sarah.
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