Guardians' training
On 11th September 2021, CCP held a guardians' training for guardians whose children are in pre-school to grade five. The training was held at Maranatha Faith Assemblies, Kabiro 8- 10am and was attended by 43 guardians. The training began with a brief worship led by CCP social worker, Pallomeh Leila followed by devotion by CCP spiritual coordinator, Billy Mwashi. The speaker of the day was Pastor Nicholas Luvoga who spoke about stewardship. He shared from Luke 19:11-23. He began by describing stewardship as utilizing and maintaining the resources we have. "A steward does not own anything, they are just in charge of whatever is given to them", he added. He told the guardians to be good stewards over the children God has entrusted to them. Pastor Nicholas urged the guardians to take good care of the children since in the end, the children would give back by taking care of them(guardians). He encouraged them to invest in their children and their education. He summed his speech by saying that stewardship requires commitment, involvement and responsibility. CCP's Director of Finance, Jacqueline Ngige echoed Pastor Nicholas' sentiments by encouraging them to be interested in their children's education. She continued to say that children need to be taught responsibility and stewardship. She thanked the guardians for coming to the meeting. CCP Academy's Head teacher Hilda Mwavishi thanked Pastor Nicholas for training on stewardship. She encouraged the guardians to support their children's education. She addressed the recent uproar by Kenyan parents about the new curriculum by encouraging CCP guardians to embrace it and support it in every way they can. CCP social worker Faith Wayua thanked the guardians for coming to the training and urged them to put in to practice what they had learnt.
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