ROPEs 2021 launch
On 28th August 2021, CCP launched this year's ROPEs experience. The launch was held at CCP Academy from 7:45-10 am and was attended by 20 guardians. The launch began with a brief devotion which was then followed by a sermon by CCP guardian Mama Shirley. She encouraged the guardians to look at the far God has brought them and thank him. Mama Shirley went on to train on good parenting. She began by defining a parent as someone older than you and with authority over you. She continued to give the characteristics of good parenting. To begin with, she stated a loving relationship between the parent and the child is very important. Nothing will work out if there is no love between a parent and their child. Another characteristic of good parenting is setting limits. A child should understand what they are allowed to and what they are not allowed to do. This will create a sense of discipline for the child. There should also be responsibility. One way to know a child has been parented well is how responsible they are. A child should be able to take care of themselves and others as well as do things in a responsible manner. Lastly, Respect accorded to peers, elders and even people younger than them. How one treats people around them irrespective of their age, social status or religion is an indication of how they were parented. She urged the parents to be careful of how they raise their children because any mistakes by their children will bring shame to them as parents. CCP's social worker Faith Wayua appreciated the parents for coming to the launch. She gave a brief history of ROPEs. The experience was founded by Tanari Trust and was adopted by CCP as a transition for eighth grade students into high school. ROPEs is an acronym for Rites Of Passage Experiences. She then explained the importance of ROPEs for the student. The ROPEs experience helps to bridge the societal gap between the younger generation and moral values that have since been abandoned as well as prepare them for the transition into high school. It is also a character molding experience as they are taught how to transition well and discipline as they transition. Four of the recent ROPEs graduates gave their testimonies of the camp and how the experiences have been relevant in high school. CCP's spiritual coordinator Billy Mwashi then read out the groups the students had been divided to CCP's Social worker Pallomeh Leila encouraged the parents to ensure their children go through the ROPEs experience as it is a learning experience for their children. It is also an avenue to deal with touchy subjects that the parents may not be able to talk about with their children. CCP's medical coordinator. Mable Umali proceeded to give a breakdown of the budget for the camp. The parents agreed that the 7,000 shillings was a fair price to pay. Mable urged the parents to bring the little they may have as well as buy the foodstuff needed in order to reduce the cost of the camp. CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi encouraged the parents not to look at the cost but to focus on how important the experience and the teachings will be for their children. She thanked the parents for coming to the meeting and urged them to keep coming for future meetings. The meeting ended with prayer from CCP social worker Geoffrey and the parents were allowed to go home.
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