Guardians training
On 14th August ,2021 CCP held a guardians' training for guardians whose children are in grades six to eight. The training was held at Maranatha Faith Assemblies and was attended by 29 guardians. The training started at 8:00am with a brief session of worship followed by a sermon by CCP's spiritual coordinator, Billy Mwashi. He shared from Matthew 6:33-34. He encouraged the guardians to live in present. He told them that worrying will not solve their problems but trusting God will. He concluded by reminding them that God will always make a way for them no matter how difficult the situation is. CCP's Medical coordinator Mable Umali did a brief training on the importance of oral hygiene. Our teeth help in chewing food and also they form part of our beauty, the smile. We can take care of our teeth by avoiding sugary foods, regular brushing them with a soft brush, drinking water, regular visits to the dentist. When we don't take good care of our teeth, our teeth will decay, gums will swell and in severe cases cause our teeth to fall off. She concluded the training by showing the guardians how properly brush their teeth. She urged the guardians to ensure their children brush their teeth at least twice daily. CCP Academy's Head teacher, Hilda Mwavishi thanked the guardians for coming to the training. She requested them to support the school and the teachers. They should check their children's homework to ensure that it is well done and completed. She also asked the guardians to encourage their children to take care of their books by covering them and storing them well for the sake of future reference. In addition to that she reminded the guardians that the school will be relocating to the community center once the construction is done. Guardians should teach their children responsibility and taking care of school property. Any damages to school property will be paid for by the guardian. She also spoke on the behavior of the children. She asked the guardians to talk to their children as they go through the physical and emotional changes in their adolescence stage. She also urged the guardians to set a good example for their children. They should also be wary of what their children watch on TV and access on the internet. She concluded by reminding the guardians that the school calendar has changed and is now very short. Guardians should encourage their children to maximize their time and push them when necessary. She insisted that the children should be in school by 6:30am. CCP's spiritual coordinator thanked the guardians for allowing their children to attend Good News Clubs and youth services. He reminded the grade six parents that their children had transitioned from Good News Clubs to youth services. He explained that the spiritual programs are important for character formation and also help in teaching the children CRE, a subject they learn in school. CCP's Education coordinator, Benard Okoth spoke about the annual Rites Of Passage Experiences(ROPEs) camp. He urged the guardians to support the program and ensure go through it as it is a preparation for them before they start high school. He asked the guardian to encourage and support their children.
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