Kwaheri Susie and Caterina
On 2nd August, 2021, CCP held a Kwaheri lunch for Simply to Love's Susie and Caterina. This was to say goodbye to them as they head back home as well as appreciate them for taking time to visit CCP. The lunch was held at CCP Academy and was attended by CCP staff. In their speeches, CCP staff applauded Susie for always having a heart for the children in CCP. They continue to thank Susie for having a soft spot for CCP and for always coming to visit whenever she can. They thanked Caterina for coming with Susie and encouraged her to come whenever she can. Susie thanked the CCP staff for the work they do in the community and encouraged them to continue with the good work. Susie then gave the staff some gifts to appreciate them for what they do. Caterina thanked CCP for making her feel welcome and for the good time she had since she came. She promised to visit again. CCP's Director of finance Jacqueline Ngige appreciated Susie for her love and commitment for CCP. She recounted the first time she met Susie and how her commitment has never dwindled. CCP's Managing Director, Stella Mwangi appreciated Susie and Caterina for the time spent with CCP; with the children and staff. She applauded Susie for mentoring Caterina and hoped that Caterina would be better than her mentor. She asked Caterina to thank her parents for allowing her to come to Kenya amidst a global pandemic. She wished them a safe journey back home.
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