CCP Academy opening day
CCP Academy opened its doors for a new academic year on 27th July 2021. The opening day saw students come to school excited to proceed to the next grade. As school rules dictate, each student came accompanied by their guardian with their homework completed. The teacher on duty, Teacher Brian set the ball rolling by asking the students to put more effort in their studies. CCP Academy deputy head teacher Davis Kidake challenged the students to be better than what they were in the previous term. He also reminded the grade eight class of the task ahead of them. CCP Academy head teacher, Hilda Mwavishi welcomed the students back to school and challenged them to do their best. CCP's medical coordinator Mable Umali did a brief training on fire and what to do in case of one. She started by stating the causes of fire accidents at home; unattended candles, children playing with matches, faulty electric appliances. In case of a fire, one should try to go as far away from the fire as possible. If there's smoke, one should crawl on the floor and find an exit, they should feel if the door is hot; if it's hot they should find an alternative exit. In case of a fire at school, the students should not run, they should walk fast and assemble at an open space and do a head count to make sure everyone is accounted for. Do not go back into the fire for your valuables. She concluded by explaining what to do when one's clothes catch fire. They should first stop, this is to prevent the fire from spreading, drop to the ground to contain the fire and roll in order to put out the fire. As the 2021 academic year begins, we would like to wish all the students a good time as they continue learning.
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