Wrestling with God
On July 19th 2021, twenty-five mentees, eight mentors and nine guests from USA went to Elsamere conservation center, Naivasha for a four days camp. On arrival in Elsamere, CCP's educational coordinator, Benard Okoth welcomed the mentees, mentors and guests to Elsamere and introduced Catherine and Antony as the hosts. Benard also gave Antony a chance to share camp rules and COVID-19 directives with the team. On the same day, Andrew shared the camp theme 'Wrestling with God', derived from Genesis 27. He encouraged the mentees that their identity is in Christ alone. He also told them that we need to pursue God first and because he is merciful, he will forgive us whenever we ask for help despite our weaknesses. Later on, the mentees went for personal reflection time, journaling and setting goals for the week. In the evening, the mentees played soccer against their mentors. On Tuesday morning, Pastor Billy did morning devotion on War-ship from John 4:23-24. The next lesson was on Peer Pressure led by Rick with a scripture from Daniel 1:1-4, 6-8. Rick encouraged the boys that no matter the temptations, they should always stand firm in the Lord. In the afternoon, the team went for a boat ride activity with a theme “Who is in your boat?” Rick encouraged the boys that they should allow people who have courage, encouraging, loving, bold, Christ -centered, peace makers, compassionate and accountable to be in their boat. Evening session was a testimony on Wrong Turn which was done by Peter Atisa. He shared his personal story on how he encountered Jesus after he made a wrong turn while at school. Later on, the boys went into personal reflection and journaling. On Wednesday morning, Davis led devotion on Fellowship with Hebrews 10:24-25 as the scripture. He shared the importance of a fellowship which were; people get a personal access to God through Christ, people grow in faith, overcome doubts, motivate each other, study Gods word and share belongings. Gabriel also shared on the topic low-self-esteem and read from Psalm 25:1-7, 139:14. He shared some negative thoughts that bring low self-esteem,” I'm a failure and 'I'm are always alone'. He encouraged the boys to have confidence and trust in the Lord who will raise their self-esteem. Lastly, he told them that God knows their struggles and what they wrestle with. In the afternoon the mentees, mentors and guest went for bike riding at Hell's gate National Park. Evening session was on Importance of Community which was done by Evans. He read from Isaiah 1:18. He defined community as people living together in a particular place. He told the mentees, 'We wrestle with God because we want Him in our lives and not to defeat Him.' He concluded by sharing the importance of a community which were; boost self-esteem, get support and safety, acceptance and learning. In the evening, there was a question and answer session which was led by Geoffrey. The panelist included Rick, Andrew, Jonathan Gabriel and Vincent. The team showcased their talents in four teams before calling it a day. Thursday marked the end of the four day camp. Worship session was led by Jonathan, with the theme 'Salt and light of the world'. Thereafter, Rick did a topic on new identity. He shared some reasons why people wrestle with God which were; Selfishness, idols, pride, going after the flesh and sin. He also told them that they were to be born again in order for them to get a new identity. Lastly, he told them that God has great love for them and that He desire that they get to know Him better. Three boys gave their lives to Christ; Branson, V'Persie and Stephen.The last activity of the camp was 'Sitoki hapa' Swahili for I won't go from here, (Transformation) led by Andrew and Billy. This indicated that the boys parted with their struggles or things they wrestled with and begun new journey.
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