Fadhili support group meeting
On 15th July, 2021, CCP's medical department held a training for the guardians in the Fadhili support group. The training was aimed at sensitizing the guardians on candidiasis as well as train them on how to make yoghurt. The first session, candidiasis was done by Susie and Caterina; guests from simply to Love. Susie and Caterina explained that candidiasis is a common infection that affects people living with HIV/AIDS. There are different forms of candidiasis. The trainers only discussed two types that are very common. Thrush, is among the most common of the infections. It affects the oral region and is characterized by white or yellow patches on the tongue, gums and roof of the mouth. Thrush can be treated by using mouthwash as well as use of antibiotics. Another form of candidiasis is genital candidiasis, commonly referred to as yeast infection. The infection happens when there is too much bacteria growing around the genital area. Yeast infection is common in women but also occurs in men. It is characterized by itchiness around the genital area, swelling and reddening, pain and a burning sensation when passing urine, discomfort during sexual intercourse and thick white discharge. It can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. It can be treated and prevented by using protection during sexual intercourse as well as using antibiotics. After the session on candidiasis, CCP's medical coordinator invited Hannah Mbithe, a guardian to train the guardians on how to make yoghurt. She gave six simple steps on how to make homemade yoghurt. She began by double boiling the milk. This means that the milk is boiled by placing the milk in boiling water. She emphasized that the milk should boil up to 80 degrees. After the milk has been boiled, it need to cool up to 40 degrees then skimmed after which, live bacteria has to be put in and stirred in one direction. Since Hannah did not have live culture, she used natural yoghurt as a substitute. She used two tablespoons for a liter of milk. The milk was then allowed to sit for three hours, before she added flavoring and putting it in cold storage for six hours. The guardians could not wait for six hours so the yoghurt was left and they went home with the assurance that they had learnt how to make yoghurt. The meeting ended at 5pm with prayer from Irene Nambafu and the guardians went home.
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