Go for it, you can make it!
A five day's transformational (Rites of Passage Experiences) ROPES camp begun for the first time in the middle of the year on July 12th to July 16th,2021 at Mt. Longonot National Park. The camp attracted 21 teenagers comprising of 14 girls and 7 boys accompanied by 7 CCP counselors. Two teenagers gave their lives to Christ. The 21 covered topics like; Marks of childhood & adulthood, Go for it, you can do it, Jijue jirekebishe (Decision Making), My future my Choice, Purity & High School life, Say it as It is and Personality Test/ Temperament, Facing our fears among others. In addition, the group had a personal quiet time with God, group devotion, morning jog, and cabin crew discussion on daily basis. On the third day, the boys and girls, with their counselors participated in a 62 km mountain climbing experience for 12 hours. The fourth day the Ropers learnt about the importance of fasting after which a 12-hour prayer and fasting ensued. This stretched the team physically in an effort to build their spiritual being. Afterwards, in the evening the girls had a learning experience of slaughtering chickens while boys slaughtered a goat with the guidance from male counselors. ROPES program targets teenagers especially the eighth-grade students and helps them transition from childhood to adulthood as they prepare to join High Schools. The program runs yearly, equipping teenagers along with their parents with trainings based on different topics culminating with a camp towards the end of their eight grades to celebrate their achievement. CCP would like to appreciate parents/guardians who supported the 21 have an experience to learn from and remember. The organization also appreciates the staff for making a difference in the lives of the children. The organization hopes and prays that the boys and girls become responsible young adults as they transition from childhood to adulthood.
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