Peer to peer training
Simply to Love facilitated peer to peer trainings for CCP learners from 12th to 14th July at CCP Academy. The three-day trainings were aimed at sensitizing the students on various issues about their sexuality. 12th July set the ball rolling with sexual integrity. The students were divided into two groups; boys and Girls. The girls were trained by simply to love's Susie and Kat while the boys had Kenyatta Hospital's Dennis. The trainers talked about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and how they are transmitted. They went on to give signs and symptoms for syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, Human Papilloma virus (HPV). The students were cautioned against sexual behavior as it will increase their chances of contracting the STDs. Those born with HIV/AIDS were encouraged to take care of themselves and not spread the disease as it would increase their risk of contracting variants of the disease. The learners were encouraged on to discriminate those who are sick and treat them in a humane way. The trainers emphasized on abstinence. The students were encouraged to refrain from any sexual behavior before marriage. For those who have already engaged in sexual activity were encouraged to stop and that itís not too late for them to stop. Day two saw the trainers tackle sexual abuse and harassment. The girls were trained on how to protect themselves from sexual harassment. They were told to avoid walking alone at night, to avoid wearing clothes that tempt men. They are also to trust their instincts whenever they feel that someone is not good or right. The boys on the other hand, were told that once someone abuse them sexually, that person ceases to be a teacher, parent, and friends, relative and becomes a monster. The students were told what falls under sexual abuse and what is not. The students were encouraged to speak up whenever they feel harassed or when they are abused. They were encouraged to reach out to their teachers in school, parents, CCP staff and even the authorities. Reaching out to trusted people is advisable. Curtains came down for the training with a roll. The students were taken through reproductive health. The boys were taught the importance of reproductive and the dangers of not being careful about their reproductive health. Risks like impotence, Urinary tract infections and STD's were talked about by Dr. Humphrey. He urged the boys to ensure they shower every day and wear clean underwear. He also reminded them to stay hydrated and stay away from drugs as they are dangerous to their reproductive system. He encouraged the boys to reach out whenever they experience lower abdominal pains, when there's blood in their urine and if they feel pain during urination. Susie and Kat handled menstruation with the girls and encouraged them to be happy when their menses start. The girls were told to maintain high standards of hygiene especially during their menstruation days. The girls got beads to make a period bracelet that would help them track their periods.
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