Guardians' training
On 10th July 2021 CCP held a training for guardians whose children are in grades one to three. The meeting was held at Marantha Faith Assemblies from 8am to 10:30 am and was attended by 52 parents. CCP's spiritual coordinator, Billy Lusava shared a sermon titled "Marching into your seasoned season" from 2nd Kings 2:9-19. He encouraged the guardians to trust the process and wait for the appointed time of God's blessings. He added that when the time for the blessings come. We need to be adequately prepared to receive them and that we should pray for a double portion of the spirit of God, just as Elisha asked for a double portion. CCP Academy's Head teacher Hilda Mwavishi was the speaker of the day. She began by explaining to the parents that there has been a change of the school curriculum from the 8-4-4 system, which meant that the student would go through eight years of primary school, four years of high school and four years of college/university or higher learning to the 2-6-6-3 which means that the learner will go through two years of preprimary ,six years of primary , three years of junior high school, three years of senior high school and three years of tertiary/higher education. Hilda continued to say that the new curriculum is learner oriented and is now a competence-based curriculum (CBC). This means that the student will be empowered to be more than just a book person and more of a worker a functional member of the community they live in. The learner will also acquire life skills and practical work skills that may come in handy if the learner is not able to continue with school. Hilda began to unpack the CBC curriculum to the parents. She said the students will learn 11 subjects as opposed to 6 in the old curriculum. The new curriculum involves the parents at home, as they will be required to provide certain materials upon request by the teachers. She encouraged the parents to support their children as they go through school. She added that the curriculum involves the use of technology and encouraged the parents who don't have smart phones to make an effort to acquire one. This is because some of the lessons are online and on you tube and learners will be required to watch videos while at home. Hilda said that all these is also a task for her because she is also a parent to a grade four student. After Hilda's address, Susie Mullen a nurse and founder of Simply to love and Caterina Siena, trained the guardians on the importance of oral hygiene. The guardians were told to ensure their children brush their teeth at least twice daily. There are other alternatives for toothpaste; mint, rosemary, baking soda and even table salt. In the absence of toothpaste, one can use them to brush their teeth. One should brush their teeth with even just water to avoid cavities. Susie told a story of her daughter who did not take good care of her teeth and ended up in hospital with a swollen tooth which in turn, affected her throat and face. One guardian asked of home remedy for a toothache. Susie responded by telling them about the wonder of clove oil. Applying clove oil on the aching tooth numbs it, thus preventing the spread of the bacteria to the throat and ear and even stopping the pain in general. CCP's director of finance Jacquelene Ngige asked the guardians to support CCP by chipping in to buy work books and a few text books for the students. She appreciated the guardians for coming to the meeting and encouraged them to support their children in every way they can. She thanked Susie and Caterina for the training and emphasized on the importance of dental hygiene. CCP staff. Faith Wayua thanked the guardians for coming early to the meeting and for a positive turn out. She encouraged them to support their children and their teachers. She thanked the CCP staff for coming to the meeting too before praying and adjourning the meeting at 10:30 am.
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