Grade 7 parents' meeting
On 30th June, 2021 CCP Academy held a parents meeting for grade 7 parents. The meeting was held from 2pm and was attended by 20 parents. After a brief session of praise and worship, CCP's spiritual coordinator Billy Mwashi encouraged the parents with word from Ephesians 3:15-16. He asked the parents to believe in their children and encourage them every day. He continued to say that God is able to do beyond what they expect, they just need to believe and trust in Him. Grade 7 class teacher Evans Simiyu began by thanking the parents for coming to the meeting and on time. He continued to say that the class has a lot of potential and the parents just need to cooperate with the teachers. Evans expressed his disappointment in how the students have lazy academically and asked the parents to help the teachers in supervising the students. Evans continued to say that discipline should start at home. Parents should discipline their children as well as regulate the students' time on TV. Parents should be wary of what their children access online. Evans reminded the parents that phones are not allowed in school and should ensure that no student reports to school with a phone. Evans then asked the teachers to introduce themselves to the parents. He then asked the CCP staff present to introduce themselves before inviting CCP Academy Head teacher to address the parents. CCP Academy's head teacher Hilda Mwavishi began by expressing her disappointment in the just released exam results. She described the performance as terrible and disappointing. She asked the parents to support the teachers in ensuring the class performance improves. Some of the parents complained that the students are given too much homework and that doesn't allow them time for personal studies. Hilda responded by telling the parents that the school complies to the ministry of education's requirement to give math, English, Kiswahili in addition to one more subject homework daily. From the discussion with the parents, it was discovered that the students are lazy. The parents then suggested that the teachers use corporal punishment to discipline the students. CCP's Director of Finance Jacqueline Ngige discouraged the parents from complaining that the homework given to the students is too much. She reminded the parents that the students failed to complete three questions given over the weekend. She asked the parents to check their students' homework to make sure it is well done. She asked them to check the students' diaries since it is the primary means of communication between them and the teachers. CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi began her speech by reminding the parents that charity begins at home. Teachers cannot do much in terms of discipline if the parents don't play their part as parents. She reminded the parents that the students are their children and they need to be committed to them. She emphasized on parental support and responsibility and how important it is in the life of a child. She concluded by introducing ROPEs program to the program and requesting them to support and commit to it as it would help their children. The students were then called in and they began selecting schools with their parents for fifteen minutes. The students then left and the parents elected new class representatives. The meeting ended at 5:30pm with prayer from CCP Head teacher Hilda Mwavishi.
CCP Academy teachers introducing themselves
Pastor Billy sharing the word
Hilda Mwavishi addressing the parents
CCP staff introducing themselves
A Ccp staff addressing the parents
A parent and her child discussing
Jacquelene Ngige addressing parents.
Stella Mwangi addressing parents
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