ROPEs parents' meeting
On 26th June 2021 CCP held a training for the ROPEs parents. The meeting was held at ACK from 7am and was attended by 12 parents. The meeting started with prayer and a brief session of worship from CCP's educational coordinator Benard Okoth. CCP spiritual coordinator encouraged parents to be patient with their children and support them as they transition into high school in August. He continued to emphasize on the power of faith in God. He asked the parents to commit their plans to God. The guest speaker was Kinjanjui Primary's Mr. Kihuria started by introducing himself as a parent, a teacher and a friend to CCP Academy. He said he is impressed that the parents turned up for the meeting. Mr. Kihuria encouraged the parents to support their children as they transition to high school. He told them that the task ahead of them is going to be tough and they need to put in all they have. He encouraged that the hard part is getting the students into high school and everything after that is going to be okay. Mr. Kihuria told the parents that teenagers need the parents to be stern and loving at the same time. They just need to find the balance between the two. CCP's education coordinator Benard Okoth reminded the parents to make payments for the camp as often as they can. He then handed out foolscaps to the parents and asked them to write their children a letter to tell them how much they are loved and valued. The meeting ended at 8:30am with prayer and the parents went home.
Parents singing
Benard leading worship
The speaker of the day , Mr. Kihuria
Pastor Billy sharing the word
Mr. Kihuria addressing the parents
Parents listening to the speaker of the day
Benard addressing the parents
Parents getting ready to write
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