CCP Academy hosted Prince of peace education center for a friendly soccer match on 25th June, 2021. The match was played at Gatina Primary’s school field. This was CCP Academy's first soccer match since 2019 before the corona virus pandemic struck in 2020. The match was a culmination of great sportsmanship as both teams brought their A-game. CCP social worker, Geoffrey Nyachio was referee for the match. Attempts by both teams to score proved futile, until Prince of peace striker, Maxwell outsmarted CCP's goal keeper 5 minutes before the whistle sounded for half time. The teams regrouped at half time to correct the mistakes made in the first half. The second half started with CCP looking to equalize. Prince on the other hand played defensive and shot down every attempt by CCP to score. CCP midfielder was at the brink of scoring but was blocked out by Prince Goalkeeper Moses. CCP continued to relentlessly look for an equalizing goal but were unsuccessful and went down 1-0 at full time.
Prince of peace team posing for picture
CCP Academy team posing for picture
Prince of peace players after the match
The referee addressing both teams before the match
CCP Academy debrief during half time
Prince of peace debrief during half time
The referee talking to both teams after the match
The match in play
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