CCP joined friends and family of Anne Sheila, a college sponsored child in celebrating the life of her late mother in a memorial service held at Nairobi Chapel along Ngong road on 17th June, 2021. Mama Anne Sheila, Josephine Moruri succumbed to lung fibrosis on 2nd June 2021 at Coptic Hospital in Nairobi. CCP remembers her as a committed parent who was always available and very cooperative. She will be remembered as a guardian who rallied for parental responsibility and commitment in holistic child development. The service was presided by Nairobi Chapel's Rev. Liz Mangeli. Anne Sheila's older sister, Eunice read their mother's eulogy and tributes from friends and family. The family eulogized mama Anne Sheila as a strong, hardworking, loving, compassionate and resilient woman. She is also remembered as a champion for social justice and a disciplinarian. It was an emotional moment as Anne Sheila stood to pay her tribute. She reminisced the last time she was with her mother. Sheila recalled visiting her mother while she was admitted in the hospital. At some point in her speech, she broke down as she remembered how her mother insisted on taking her to school on opening day. CCP's medical coordinator, Mable Umali eulogized mama Anne Sheila as a committed parent who loved her children very much besides being a dedicated and reliable mother. She encouraged Anne and her siblings to stay united and committed to each other. The sermon of the day was presented by Rev. Ken Aringo, the Nairobi Chapel Youth pastor, who read from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17. He encouraged the mourners not to grieve without hope and reminded them that Jesus died and resurrected. He continued to say that when death strikes, we are not selfish in the way we mourn. He described death as an enemy who robs us of our loved ones. In conclusion, he commended the family for their unity and service for each other. Mama Anne Sheila, Josephine Moruri, leaves behind four children. The remains will be buried on Saturday 19th June, 2021 in their home in the countryside. We continue to pray for comfort for the family during this difficult time.
The family reading the Eulogy
Procession into the church
CCP Medical coordinator paying her tribute
CCP staff during the service
Anne Sheila gets emotional as she pays her tribute
Anne Sheila's elder sister paying her tribute
The family making an exit procession
CCP staff after the service
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