On 16th June 2021, CCP held a meeting for the ex-candidates and their guardians. The meeting was held at Maranatha Faith Assemblies from 2pm and was attended by 7 guardians and 10 students. This meeting aimed at helping the students and their guardians understand transition into college and what is required of them in the transition. The meeting started with prayer from Faith Wayua, a CCP Staff. CCP's spiritual coordinator, Billy Mwashi encouraged those in attendance with scripture from Joshua 1:6-8. In his sharing, he charged the students to be strong and courageous as they proceed to the next level, college. He also reminded them that there are different levels in life and each level requires us to prepare ourselves adequately. He concluded by asking the students to understand their purpose in life as well as God’s purpose for them. CCP's Educational coordinator, Bernard Okoth proceeded to ask everyone to introduce themselves. He started with the CCP staff in attendance who introduced themselves and what they do at CCP. He then asked the students to introduce themselves, what grade they got in their final high school exams and the career they are looking to pursue in college. Finally, he asked the guardians to introduce themselves, whose guardians they are and what they gathered from the Memorandum of understanding (MoU). CCP's Director of Finance, Jacqueline Ngige Appreciated and awarded the top three students. She reminded that all students are winners and should not feel discouraged about their results. She asked the students to choose their courses wisely; they should choose courses that will be beneficial to them. The course they choose should be able to get them an edge as they go into the job market. She told them that CCP is ready to fully support them. She also addressed the guardians; she encouraged them not to abandon their children. She insisted that they are the primary caregivers and should not let go just because the students are in college. She also insisted that the students need to respect their guardians. She told the guardians that as they help their children select colleges, they should consider accommodation, food and bus fare since CCP will only cater for school fees. Guardians should also ensure that their children attend classes without fail. Jacqueline reminded the students about report writing. Reports should be well written and sent on time as they are the primary source of communication to their sponsors. The reports represent the student and their family. It should entail character transformation, spiritual growth, mentorship, family update, academic update and challenges they are facing. She reminded them that they are expected to volunteer with CCP's spiritual programs as a way to give back. The students are expected to be committed and take it seriously. This is because volunteering prepares them the job market by teaching them work ethic. She concluded by insisting on responsibility. Now that they are adults, no one will follow up on them to behave well. Everything they do will have repercussions in the near future. They should be careful not to indulge in reckless sexual behavior. CCP’s spiritual coordinator Billy Mwashi echoed Jacqueline’s speech by reminding the students of the importance of volunteering. He also asked them to do their daily devotions and post the devotions on their whatsapp group. He emphasized on the importance of communication. One should communicate on their absence 24 hours prior to Saturday. CCP's Education Coordinator Bernard Okoth asked the guardians to share plans they made as their children proceed to college. Finally, he asked the guardians to introduce themselves, whose guardians they are and what they gathered from the Memorandum of understanding (MoU) before taking them through before asking guardians and students to append their signatures and submit them to the social workers available. The meeting ended at 4:20pm with prayer from Pallomeh Leila.
Pastor Billy encouraging the guardians
A student signing the MoU
CCP Director of finance appreciating the best student
A student responding to a question
Students receiving their reward
A student and her guardian going through the MoU
CCP's educational coordinator addressing the audience
A CCP staff praying
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