On 12th June, 2021, CCP held a guardians' training for guardians whose children are in the ROPEs program. The training was aimed at sensitizing the guardians on the importance of understanding themselves as parents. The training was held at ACK Gatina from 7- 9am and was attended by nine guardians. After a brief session of praise and worship, CCP's spiritual coordinator, Billy Mwashi led devotion. He shared word from Matthew 21:22.He encouraged those in attendance to make prayers in faith. He added that faith pushes one closer to their answered prayer and that prayer is powerful. The day's speaker was CCP's social worker Sarah Aludah. She started the training by asking the guardians to think about why they decided to be parents. She explained that people become parents to try and correct the mistakes their parents made with them, to improve on what their parents did or to be just like their parents. She told the parents to reflect on childhood experience so that they can be able to understand where they go wrong as parents. Understanding your emotions as a parent will also help you make informed decisions. No sound decisions are made when one is emotional. Parents should also know what triggers them. This will help them manage their reactions whenever their children seem to be pushing their buttons. Parents should understand that it is important to set their emotions aside when handling their children. She concluded by saying that self-reflection is important as it creates self-awareness. This helps them be flexible and adaptive as parents. CCP's medical coordinator Mable Umali, encouraged the guardians to make payments in installments. She emphasized that making small payments makes their burden lighter. She went on to list the items that are to be used in the camp and their prices. She then told the guardians to look at items they can purchase to reduce their installments. CCP’s educational coordinator, Benard Okoth, encouraged the guardians to support the ropes initiative by donating foodstuff. He reminded them that the ROPEs initiative is for the good of their children and supporting it makes it effective. CCP's Managing director Stella Mwangi encouraged the guardians to attend meetings on time so that they can be able to leave for other businesses. She emphasized on being thoughtful of those who came early. The meeting ended at 9 am with prayer from Irene Kerubo.
Pastor Billy sharing the sermon
Guardians singing
Guardians listening to the speaker
Sarah interacting with the audience
Benard engaging the guardians
A list of foodstuff required for ROPEs camp
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