On 9th June 2021, CCP held a pre-high school meeting for its former grade 8 candidates. The event was to celebrate their exemplary result in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) as well as prepare them for high school. The event was attended by 23 children, 15 guardians and was held at Maranatha Faith Assemblies, Kawangware. CCP's Spiritual coordinator, Billy Mwashi encouraged those in attendance with word from Philippians 4:4-6.He reminded them To give thanks in all circumstances as well as rejoice at all times. He also added that God will make a way even where there seems to be no way. He concluded by reminding the audience to make their requests know to God not man. God has the solution for all our problems not man. CCP's director of Finance Jacquelene Ngige congratulated the students for an exemplary performance in their KCPE examination. She reminded them that CCP appreciates and celebrates each and every one of them for the effort they put despite the challenges they faced. This group of students sat their KCPE examinations in March 2021 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. They were at home for seven months and resumed learning in October 2020 to cover up for lost time. CCP's Medical coordinator, Mable Umali told the guardians that they should be proud of their children's results. She emphasized on their involvement in their children's lives especially now as they join high school. She asked them to make an effort to know where their children will be going to school, visit them when necessary and even get their teachers' contacts to know what the teachers expect of their children. She took the audience through CCP's memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the students. She outlined what is expected of the student as they join high school and what they should expect as they join High school. She told the students to stay focused as they go to school and stay away from bad company. She warned them against homosexuality, which is rampant in boarding schools. Students are expected to bring report forms, school fees structure, receipts of payment as well as revision of exams done in school. She emphasized on the importance of Youth services and insisted that they attend them whenever they are home for mid- term or when school closes. Students are expected to maintain good behavior and obey school rules. Expulsion from school translates to expulsion from CCP. They are expected to attend all classes and also participate in extra-curricular activities. They are also to take up leadership roles while in school. CCP's spiritual coordinator Billy Mwashi reminded them to read their bible every day and attend Christian union meetings while in school. He added that attending church service when in school. CCP social worker, Pallomeh Leila took the guardians through the MoU for guardians. Guardians are to follow up on their children and everything that is required on them. They are to encourage, motivate and help their children set targets. Parents should be available for their children and whenever the school requires them to. CCP Academy's Head teacher Hilda Mwavishi Emphasized on behavior guidelines for students. She insisted that students respect everyone around them and follow school rules and regulations. She also reminded them be careful of the company they keep and maintain healthy relationship relationships and boundaries. She concluded by reminding them of the dangers of drug abuse and romantic relationships. CCP's educational coordinator emphasized that every subject is important and that the students need maintain a positive attitude towards every subject. The students need to add value to their KCPE results by working hard in school. CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi reminisced that this is the seventh group to go to high school. She asked the students to heed the advice and warnings they had received. She also said that the students need to improve on or maintain their KCPE grade all the way through high school. She encouraged the audience to cultivate their relationship with each other and with CCP. She echoed the sentiments of previous speaker on good behavior and guardians' responsibility. CCP's Director of finance wrapped up the meeting by urging the students to know the grading system and why they are in school. She encouraged that the four years of high school can be fun when you understand your background. She concluded by saying attitude determines altitude. After all the addresses, the students retreated to small groups in order to set targets for high school.
A student giving feedback
Students after the meeting
Students praying
A CCP staff assisting students
CCP's MD addressing the guardians
CCP Academy's head teacher addressing the meeting
CCP's medical coordinator addressing the audience
A social worker explaining the role of the guardians
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