On 29th May 2021, CCP held a guardians' training for ROPEs guardians. The meeting was attended by nine guardians and started at 7:20 am with prayer. Pastor Billy encouraged to the parents from the Bible. The speaker of the day was CCP's social worker, Faith Wayua who spoke about the risks that the students would meet in high school Being introduced to cults, homosexuality, joining bad companies thus get introduced to drug abuse. The guardians were asked to give ways of preventing all these to happen to their kid. They suggested praying for their children, being honest with their children as well as developing a good relationship with the teachers so that they can monitor their children's behavior at school. Faith explained that ROPES would help the students as they transition from childhood to young adults. It would help them in character formation, grow spiritually and in decision making. CCP's medical coordinator, Mable Umali spoke to the parents on the amount of money they were supposed to raise for the ROPES camp. She broke down the expenses to what was needed for each day. Afterwards, CCP's Managing Director Stella Mwangi encouraged the parents to be positive and have faith that God would provide. Rites Of Passage Experiences (ROPEs), is a transition program by Tanari trust to help grade eight students prepare for high school. While the guardians were having their meeting, the students were having their weekly classes with their ROPEs counsellors. The meeting was adjourned at 9am by Sarah Aludah with a vote of thanks and prayer
CCP Staff addressing the guardians
Guardians praying
Guardians listening
The speaker of the day addressing the guardians
Listing requirements for the camp
CCP Medical coordinator addressing the parents
CCP MD addressing the guardians
Students during ROPEs class
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