On 24th of April 2021, CCP's Pad up campaign distributed pads to girls in the CCP girls' mentoring program. The distribution started at 8:30 am with advice from Teresia Mboga, a team leader of the campaign. She encouraged them to maintain high self-hygiene especially during their menstruation days. 'Pad up a girl' campaign organized by CCP staff was started in order to keep our girls in school. The campaign started on the 4th of February and ended on the 10th of April and was spearheaded by CCP's medical coordinator Mable Umali and Teresia Mboga, a volunteer with CCP's spiritual department. The campaign had an initial target of a thousand pads but managed to raise one thousand and fifty-six pads within 3 months. The initiative was able to distribute sixty-six pads; 54 girls got four packs of sanitary towels and 14 girls got three packs of sanitary towels. The distribution ended at 12:30 pm.
Girls showing off what they received
A girl signing for pads she received
CCP staff who helped distribute the pads
A girl in the office after the distribution
ACCP staff handing a girl pads
Girls lining up for registration
Staff sorting out the pads before distribution
Girls praying.
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