On Wednesday, February 24th, at 7:50 am 2021 CCP Academy students had a life skills class on the topic Peer Pressure. Each social worker had a class which they were supposed to teach. Sarah Aluda taught grade 3, Mable Umali grade 5, Paloma grade 6, Geoffrey Nyachio grade 7 and Irene Nambafu grade 8. The objective of the training was to empower the students to better handle negative peer pressure. They were taught on the meaning of peer pressure which is a feeling that you have to do something to fit in, be accepted or be respected and the two types of peer pressure which are: Positive and Negative peer pressure. Being influenced positively is healthy and socially acceptable. The reasons that make children get influenced by peer pressure negatively is probably due to curiosity and wanting to fit in a certain group so that they may not be made fun of. The social workers emphasized on how to control peers from influencing their character. In addition they were also informed that a person who respects their decision won't put unfair pressure on them. Most kids give in to peer pressure since they are afraid of losing their friends therefore they should learn to say NO and let their stand remain even if it would cost losing their friends. The class ended at 8:20 am.
Geoffrey teaching grade 7
Class interaction
Students listening attentively
Sarah teaching Grade 3 students
Learners paying attention in class.
Palomeh demonstrating to learners
Learners taking notes
On going class.
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