CCP Academy grade 8 motivational talk
On 9th February, 2021 CCP Academy grade 8 learners had a motivational talk. This was done to encourage and motivate them a month before they sit for their final national examination. The talk was courtesy of CCP Academy's Head teacher Ms. Hilda Mwavishi. The speaker of the day was Kinyanjui Primary's Mr. Kihuria who started by classifying the mind into two, conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind stores things that we do regularly as well as things we have done and learnt recently. The subconscious mind on the other hand stores things and experiences that we did or learnt two weeks ago, a month ago, a year or even five years ago. As students preparing to sit a final exam, the learners were encouraged to often remind themselves of things they learnt from grade one until now so that these things may linger in the conscious mind when they examinations come. Mr. Kihuria also helped the learners recognize patterns in examination questions over the years. This was to help them to try and predict where the exam may come from. He did a syllabus analysis for science questions over the years. He asked the candidates to have a copy of "KCPE Booster" a book that contains KCPE past papers from 1988 up to 2019. He concluded his talk by encouraging the learners to ask their teachers questions, as for the teachers he encouraged them to challenge the learners with questions as well as being available to the candidates. He promised to come back and talk to the candidates before they sat for their examinations. Ms. Hilda asked the students to not only write what Mr Kihuria said but also to put it into practice. She thanked Mr. Kihuria for taking time to talk to the candidates. The talk ended at 4pm and the learners went on to study before going home.
The speaker of the day addressing his audience
Learners listening to the speaker
Learners discussing a question
The speaker showing the learners KCPE patterns
A learner noting down important points
The headteacher addressing the learners
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