Parental involvement in the life of teenagers
On February 6th, 2021 forty-two CCP guardians of high school students attended a meeting themed "Parental involvement in the life of teenagers" at Maranatha Faith Assembly Church, Kawangware. The aim of the meeting was to enhance responsibility in the parents and guardians in the lives of their children. Secondly, to spur active parental involvement in the holistic growth of their children. Lastly, to increase collaboration between parents, CCP and schools for the good of their children. The meeting began with a word of encouragement by Pastor Billy Lusava, CCP Spiritual Coordinator from 1 Samuel chapter 2 & 3. He advised the guardians to create time for their teenagers to be able to know them better and know the challenges and the changes that take place in their life. He cautioned them never to neglect their parental responsibilities just like Eli did to his two sons. Thereafter, the guardians had an opportunity to divide into groups and give feedbacks on their experience staying at home with their children during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown period. They discussed briefly the experience and lesson learnt. Two CCP college students, Pauline and Catherine gave their testimonials of their journey with CCP and the struggles they encountered as teenagers. "Visit your teenagers at school, pray for them and be their friends", Pauline said. Catherine mentioned that "It is just a stage keep supporting them. Don't give up on them and be friendly to your teenagers". Afterwards, Benard Okoth, CCP's Educational Coordinator talked about the 5p's of responsibility for parents and guardians of school ongoing children. The 5P's are Parent, Pastor, Protector, Provider and Presence. Benard went ahead to speak about the areas that need parental involvement being; Academic performance, Career choice, Gifts and talent growth, Spiritual growth and Character formation. In conclusion, the guardians were advised to work in collaboration with CCP teachers, mentors, coaches, pastor and any other person that works directly with our children. A good working relationship will make the child thrive and keep them in check for accountability.
Listening carefully
Pst Billy sharing the word of God with the guardians
In the midst of worship and prayer
Worshipping with instruments
Jacqueline engaging the guardians in a discussion
Guardians in a group discussion
CCP College student giving her testimony
A guardian sharing notes discussed
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